How To Convert MP4 To AVI Using VLC Media Player

Are you want to know how to convert MP4 to AVI format using VLC media player?
If you don't know how to convert mp4 to avi using vlc?

So, we will tell you method convert mp4 to avi with vlc, and how to convert avi to mp4 in vlc.

Can I do convert MP4 to AVI using windows media player?

No, you can't do convert mp4 to avi by using Windows media player because Windows media player doesn't support this feature. You can convert mp4 to avi through online services and software.

Can I convert mp4 to mp3 or other format using vlc media player?

Yes, VLC media player have many formats features. You can convert mp4 or other formats to mp3 easily by using the VLC media player.

Method: convert MP4 to AVI or other formats

  1. Open the VLC media player (Press Ctrl+R) or click on the top first option Media and click on Convert/Save on come down.
  2. Open Convert/Save
  3. Click on +Add... on Open Media.
  4. +Add..
  5. Now, open the video file
  6. Open video
  7. Click on Convert/Save.
  8. Convert/Save
  9. Click on the key shape on the front of the Profile.
  10. Open Key Shape
  11. Now, click on the AVI or other formats that you need. Write any text on the top side Profile Name box.
  12. Select Format
  13. If you want to convert avi to mp4, so click on MP4/MOV and then click on Create
  14. Create
  15. Now, click on the Browse on the front of the Destination file.
  16. Browse
  17. Select the destination file for saving the video. and then click on the Start.
  18. Start
  19. The video will start converting. wait until complete.
  20. After converting complete you can see the property of the video. So, convert MP4 to AVI using VLC media player is completely done.
Video Properties

This is the easiest method of converting any formats using VLC media player without any online or other software services.

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