How To Flash Nokia Dead Phone With USB Cable? (Any Model)

Did your phone is dead so, you can recover it. After reading this article you can find out, how to flash nokia phones with usb cable?

    If you want to know how to flash nokia 220 without box or how to flash nokia phone by using nokia flashing tool.

    Don't worry it is very easy


    1. Computer or laptop
    2. USB data cable
    3. Nokia Phoenix Service Software
    4. Nokia Flash file

    Nokia Phoenix Service Software

    phoenix service software

    Nokia Phoenix Service Software is the tool of the Nokia for flashing. You can download it from any website. Its size is approximately 108MB. After downloading it and install it, in installing it may take two to three minutes.

    Nokia Flash File Download With Product Code

    nokia e5 flash file download

    Go to Google and type (nokia flash file model e.g E5 or product code e.g RM-632 e.g my nokia phone model is E5 and product code is RM-632) or remove the battery and you can see product code in mobile label sticker. You can download it from any website.

    Method: How To Use Nokia Phoenix Service Software For Nokia Flashing

    1. After downloading nokia flash file and nokia phoenix service software, do the install nokia phoenix service software.
    2. flash file and nokia phoenix service software
    3. Now, copy the flash file (RM-632).
    4. copying flash file
    5. On the desktop, left-click on nokia phoenix service software and click on the Open file location.
    6. nokia phoenix service software
    7. You can see the file location in the image down.
    8. file location
    9. Do past in the products on the file location of nokia phoenix service software. As mentioned location above.
    10. products
    11. Connect nokia phone to computer or laptop by USB cable and on the phone Select USB Mode: PC suite, and then open the nokia phoenix service software, click on the USB1-product code (RM-632). If this option not appearing on the phone so, skip Select USB Mode: PC Suite.
    12. USB1-product code
    13. In File, click on the Open product.
    14. Open product
    15. In Type filter box: write product code (RM-632).
    16. Write product code
    17. In the top bar Flashing: click on the Firmware Update.
    18. Go to Firmware update
    19. Now, In down: click on the Update Software for starting flashing.
    20. Update Software
    21. Now, following instructions in the down image. So, this instruction also will be appearing in Phoenix service software. After following these instructions click on Retry.
    22. Firmware Update Instructions
    23. The Update Software will be start. It may take two or three minutes to complete.
    24. Start Update Software
    25. Finally: After complete, a box of Firmware Update Succeeded will appear. It means your software successfully complete.
    Firmware Update Succeeded

    Congratulation: Now, your Nokia phone is like a new.

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