Did you want to know how to register IDM without serial key? Sure! you do not know how to do it. in this article, I will guide you on how to register idm for free and how to register idm permanently.

    Why you need to serial key for IDM? This question is simple, IDM provides you a free trial for 30 days, after this time, IDM wants to register it. That you pay money for buying a serial key to get register it. But we will provide you some guaranteed method to register it without the internet download manager registration key. That works 100%.

    Is IDM crack safe? Basically idm registration patch and idm registration crack are full in virus, You can find 'how to crack idm' a lot of methods to register idm for lifetime free (any version). But we will tell you method, with crack, patch, and any other illegal way, and without it. before telling method we will describe to you why idm is, and why we use it.

    Internet Download Manager (IDM)

    how to use idm for lifetime without registration

    Internet Download Manager (IDM) is software for downloading anything, like videos, images, pictures, software, files, and many others. It provides so fast speed to download in minimum time. another isn't available to match speed with it. You can download it easily, at a five-time faster speed.

    There are many downloaders for downloading videos, photos, and files from the website. But some websites do not allow you to download anything.

    Internet Download Manager supports all browsers. Many websites do not allow downloading anything like YouTube, but IDM shows alternative options on YouTube, Facebook, and other websites to download.

    Method 1: Use IDM after 30-days trial without any crack.

    If you want to know that How do I continue a 30-day trial period of IDM? You can do continue by without trying a fake serial key or fake register.

    Are you know How do I use IDM (Internet Download Manager) after the 30-day trial is over? So, you can use IDM without registration by using this method.

    This method is completely pure from viruses because I will not use the patch or crack.

    So, let's begin

    1. After 30 days of the free trial or fake registration, the option of Internet Download Manager registration will definitely appear.
    2. how to use idm for lifetime without registration
    3. Firstly, open 'Control Panel', click to 'Program' and then click to 'Programs and Features', so, do the IDM uninstall by right-clicking on IDM. before doing the next step of uninstalling click on 'Full' on the option of 'Select Uninstall Method'. If you don't understand see the image down.
    4. how to use idm for lifetime without registration
    5. So, after Uninstallation, an option of restart pc of IDM will appear, 'Cancel' it.
    6. Now, press Windows+R on the keyboard, type Regedit, and hit enter, on the Run box.
    7. how to use idm for lifetime without registration
    8. A box of User Account Control will appear, press 'Yes' on it.
    9. So, will open a 'Registry Editor'. on it press Ctrl+F, A find option will open, type Internet Download Manager and hit enter or click on Find Next.
    10. how to use idm for lifetime without registration
    11. If LocalizedString file not shows, then press Ctrl+F and hit enter. until this file name not shows, do it. After appearing, the file so right-clicks to delete it. now, delete other IDM related file by pressing Ctrl+F.
    12. After deleting the IDM related file, restart your computer now. and then install IDM and enjoy it.

    Method 2: Register IDM without serial key using a patch or crack.

    If you want to know another way to register IDM freely? The second way is using a crack or patch to register it.

    1. Firstly, download IDM patch or crack from the internet, there are many websites is available IDM patch or crack. You can also download the crack or patch file from any torrent website easily. before downloading, check your system Bit configuration. If your computer configuration in 32-bit then downloads in 32-bit. If not then, download 64-bit.
    2. After downloading the IDM patch or crack, If your computer is connected to the internet, so disable it.
    3. Now, you need to close completely unregister IDM.
    4. So, open the patch or crack software from the download folder.
    5. then click to install the patch or crack. after installation complete, open IDM from the desktop.
    6. IDM will open in the register.

    Method 3: How to register IDM using keygen.

    The keygen is the software, that helps you generate a serial key for IDM. This is the best IDM Key generator, it's not in the virus. So, it works simply to generate idm serial number for registration free.

    1. Now, download the keygen from any website. You can also download it from a torrent website.
    2. After downloading, double click to install it, do it complete install.
    3. So, after installation completed, open the keygen software.
    4. Now, install the IDM, if already installed then skip it. need you completely closed IDM.
    5. Open the keygen software.
    6. After this, a box will appear that ask you about the 'First' and 'Last name'. Write the name that you want, then click on.
    7. The keygen software will process, for a few seconds to generate the key.
    8. After it, the keygen will be showing you some key. Copy to it, and past it in the IDM registration box. and write other information 'first name' and 'last name', type email, and hit enter.
    9. how to use idm for lifetime without registration
    10. Now, the activated version will be the start. However, you can use the activated version.

    The Internet Download Manager (IDM) would be registered correctly if you apply the method completely. A keygen is a pure software from a virus, that provide you idm serial number for registration free.

    Method 4: Register IDM using serial key.

    This method will work for IDM registration, there are many websites that provide a fake or generated serial key for IDM registration. If you want to register, then follow.

    1. Type on Google 'latest IDM serial key' and hit enter, there are many websites that will appear, open anyone.
    2. So, now copy anyone serial key from the website and paste on the IDM registration box, then click on.
    3. If you apply some serial keys from different websites, IDM will be registered.

    How to solve the error of fake serial key in IDM.

    If you are using IDM so then you are applying many fake or generated serial keys. Sometimes, the IDM shows an error message of fake serial key. So, don't worry about this error message, I have a solution to this error. So well, go to the location which giving you.


    Now, open the 'hosts' file using 'Notepad'.

    Copy these text and paste in the 'hosts' file and save it. Now, open the Internet Download Manager and use it freely.


    Here are four ways to register IDM without a serial key and with a serial key. The first method will work 100%, if patch or crack not work, so download this from different websites. I hope your IDM is successfully registered now. However, there are some ways to register IDM without serial key.

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