how to use usb as ram in windows

Did you want to know how to make windows 7 faster or how to increase computer speed?

You can know how to improve pc performance by use usb as ram windows 10/8/7.

So, we will guide you on how to use usb as ram in windows.
Well, let's start, how to improve computer performance windows 10/8/7

Method: use usb as ram windows 7/8/10

  1. First of all, format the USB flash drive, now connect it to the Computer/Laptop. An AutoPlay box option will have appeared. Click on the Speed up my system.
  2. AutoPlay
  3. If the AutoPlay option Would not appear. Then you can do it manually, right-click on the USB flash drive, click on Properties on the option.
  4. USB
  5. In the Top bar: click to the 'ReadyBoost', click on 'use this device'. And you can increase or decrease space (maximum space is 4096MB reserve it.), and click on Apply.
  6. USB Properties
  7. Finally, your computer speed has increased.

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