How to get 10000 likes on Facebook page in one day

If you have a Facebook page or are you think about creating an FB page or created it already. After that, you are searching for how to get more likes on FB page. So, then are in right place.

There are many paid methods to increase Facebook page likes, but the paid methods do not give on Facebook page organic engagement and organic views. The free method gives organic traffic than the paid method.

    So, I will guide you in this article on how to get 10000 likes on Facebook page in one day? getting 10000 likes on Facebook page in one day is very very hard, but we will tell you methods on how to make FB page popular, and increase Facebook page likes.

    Why you need a Facebook page?

    Basically, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. The Facebook monthly active users more than 2.5 billion, that is why every businessman and business starter uses it, to get more customers. So, you will learn the best way to get likes on the Facebook business page in this article for free.

    what happens when you reach 500 likes on Facebook page.

    When you reach 500 likes on Facebook is means you get 25, organic users for every post, when anyone likes your Facebook page then, he sees your every new post on a profile news feed. That is why you need more likes on the Facebook page for more customers.

    So, let's dive deep into it.

    How to get 10000 likes on Facebook page in one day.

    If you want to get 10000 likes in one day, you will do what I will describe to you. The words of 10000 likes in one day is not possible in normal, but it is possible, you can reach this target if you correctly follow me. You will be working hard for a few days. then, you will reach it. That means just follow me.

    Step 1: Create a Facebook page for business or brand.

    The Facebook page is different from to profile account. So, if you have friends on Facebook then, create a Facebook page for personal.

    How to get 10000 likes on Facebook page in one day

    If you start a new business, Website or already started to, create a business page for more customers and buyers.

    So, first, ensure that why are you create a Facebook page. after that, choosing a category then, you need to optimize it.

    Step 2: Optimizing Facebook page for user friendly.

    So, after creating your business or personal page: You need to optimize it. To optimize go to Facebook page settings.

    How to get 10000 likes on Facebook page in one day

    In settings: provide all information that Facebook demands you, like your Facebook page name, description, category, pictures, add button, and other more.

    In advance optimizing: Add your website, blog URL, and connect your Instagram, Whatsapp account. And add facebook Badge, Page Roles, and others. Finally: post something in it.

    Step 3: Invite your friends to like the page.

    First of all: Go to your Facebook page. Then find the box "Know friends who might like your Page?" on the right side of the Facebook page.

    How to get 10000 likes on Facebook page in one day

    Click to "See All Friends": A box will appear. In front of the search box: click to "Select All" and then click to "Send invite". do this inviting method every week.

    How to get 10000 likes on Facebook page in one day

    Step 4: Join Groups for post and page sharing, and add friends.

    If you create a Facebook page or Facebook profile, so you post in it. after that, you will share it on the news feed and with friends, but you can not share it in a group, because you did not join any group.

    So, you need to join groups. open your Facebook page and search on the search box "Group that you want to join" like I am a blogger my Facebook page is about in the blogging. And I join blogger groups.

    So, you need to join a lot of groups, so open a Facebook page and type group name (like a "blogger"), then hit enter. after that, click to "Groups" on the top bar. Now, join a lot of groups.

    Step 5: Add friends from joined groups.

    After joining Groups: go to any group and bit scroll down. in front of "MEMBERS": click on numbers of "members".

    How to get 10000 likes on Facebook page in one day

    So, you will be seeing group members. now, add friends to all of the group members by clicking on "Add Friends".

    However, Add friends from all group members, that you join groups. So, if you 15000 add friends in one day, so 5000 would accept your friend request in some time, but others may late accept your friend request.

    So, After add friends: Invite your friends to like the page, see step 3. This step will make your Facebook page auto liker.

    Step 6: Posting on Facebook page, not share links.

    If you want to get organic traffic and more engagement on your Facebook page, create as many posts as you can, and never share links.

    How to get 10000 likes on Facebook page in one day

    However, create posts on the Facebook page, enter keywords in the post, so that users and viewers will come through Google search or organic word search (such as keywords "how to get 10000 likes on Facebook page in one day").۔

    Step 7: Promote your Facebook page on the blog, other social networks

    If you are a blogger, or you have a website, so add your Facebook page box for like. You will get more likes on facebook business page or other.

    So, if you have Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social networks, connect with the Facebook page.


    Finally: if you follow these steps from scratch, business, blogger. On your personal profile, you will get Facebook page followers free and likes.

    So, here are the best ways and steps to increase likes on the Facebook page. Finally words, you know how to get 10000 likes on Facebook page in one day.

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